Jui 2018             60h formation Dynamic Thaï & Osteo Thérapie
Feb 2018            Level 1&2 Cranio-Sacral integrated Biodynamics osteopathics with Rosemary Wallace/ Thailand
Mar 2018           30h course Thai Massage in pichets school / Thailand
Mar 2018           30h course Thai Therapy  with chinese meridians in Ong’s school, Thailand


Oct 2017                Workshop REFLEXOLOGY in SerendipSpa, Brussels
Oct 2017                Module 1 Touch For Health 16H / Kinesiology, Namur Institut Mosan
Sept 2017               Workshop : Distillation essential oils / handmade
Sept-dec 2017      Movement & Voice Classes with Maria José, Brussels
March 2017           Chi Nei Tsang, stomach massage with Andréa Grazzini, Brussels
May 2016               Workshop Therapeutic Acroyoga with Bart Adins at YogaRoom, Brussels
March 2016           Thaï massage advanced 42,5h at Koh Chang, THAILAND


February 2016      Aromatherapy 25h at Old Hospital Medicine, Chiang Mai, THAILAND
February 2016     Stretch massage 25h at Ong’s school,  Chiang Mai, THAILAND
February 2016      Facial massage 25h at Ong’s school, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


June 2015               Thaï massage basics  60h at CASA PORRAS in Grenada, SPAIN
 + More treatments learned in SERENDIPSPA , from different therapists, etc…